On-Site Machining

On-Site Machining

For efficient manufacturing, it sometimes makes sense for the tools to come to you. This process is known as on-site machining. With on-site machining, portable equipment complements the existing manufacturing processes in place and allows for specialized manufacturing that wouldn’t be possible with the in-house set-up.

On-site machining is also helpful when machines need repairs. Instead of transporting a large piece of equipment to a repair facility, the machines required for the repair can be brought on site to do the fix.

On-Site Machining

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There’s no one-size-fits-all in manufacturing, but we’ve built our services to ensure we always have the tools and innovative solutions you need, no matter the demands you’re facing. We’re committed to helping your business cut downtime by always having the right fix when you need it.

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On-site machining makes it possible to complete a variety of different tasks within your facility without investing in new equipment. The on-site machining services R&J Manufacturing can provide include:

  • Portable milling
  • Line boring
  • Line turning
  • Pipe machining

Typically, on-site equipment can be bolted or clamped directly onto a job site, in any position required. The equipment is easy to mount quickly, so you won’t waste extensive downtime waiting for set-up.


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Reap the Advantages of On-Site Machining


On-site machining has multiple cost-saving and efficiency benefits. By bringing equipment to the job site, you can:

Cut logistical hassles and downtime associated with waiting for parts or offsite manufacturing of necessary components.

Reduce overhead costs from buying new equipment or paying to transport pieces.

Avoid the challenges of dismantling faulty equipment to ship to a repair facility.

Restart standard operations quickly when the on-site machines are no longer needed, since they were only put in place temporarily.

All of these advantages mean that you can improve your bottom line and your turnaround time.

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At R&J Manufacturing, on-site machining is just one service we can offer to create a customized manufacturing solution for your business. Talk to one of our team members today to start the process of developing the right manufacturing processes for your company.